About The Resolute

Resolute was built in 1939, designed by Bill Luders, a noted yacht designer and constructed in Connecticut, along with eleven other sister yawls. They were originally built as training vessels for the U.S. Naval Academy. Hundreds, if not thousands of Midshipmen at Annapolis received their first indoctrination to the sea and learned the skills of navigation and seamanship aboard these yawls. Alf Loomis of Yachting Magazine described them, as neat but not gaudy, fast but not tender, serviceable and altogether enjoyable. In the 1970s, the Naval Academy replaced the wooden yawls with fiberglass boats and then gave the wooden yachts to various naval installations or private organizations. Resolute and her sister, Flirt were ultimately transferred to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. The college partially restored and then maintained Resolute until 2004 when she was sold. Resolute is now operated by the Resolute Sailing Foundation, a newly formed non-profit organization.

Resolute currently holds a USCG certificate (COI) for charter operation in Puget Sound as well as the inland waters of British Columbia and is enrolled with the American Sail Training Association. On Occasion, she continues to be used in Maritime Studies programs at The Evergreen State College. Resolute participated in the 2005 Tall Ships Challenge in Victoria, B.C. and Tacoma, Washington. Resolute is available for charter hire on a daily or extended basis. She is also available to partner with other organizations to provide leadership and character building training for young adults.