Restoration Of Resolute

Although Resolute is seaworthy and in excellent sailing condition for inland waters, she will require significant reconditioning to make her suitable for offshore, heavy weather conditions. Her shear planking will need replacement as well as some of her frames. During the 1980’s rebuild, she was shortened two feet and her transom replaced. The Foundation would like to restore her to the original length of 44 feet. She will need new rigging, both standing and running. Resolute is also missing a spinnaker and mizzen staysail. She would enjoy being equipped with Radar which she currently does not have as well as a refrigerator and some other amenities. “In summary the old girl needs a face lift,” said Joe Forest, a retired Naval Officer, Annapolis Class of 1954 and one of the founders. Joe was the Captain of the Annapolis sailing team at that time and raced on Resolute 100 miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean from Newport, Rhode Island to Annapolis, Maryland. The Board of Directors of the Foundation believe that she deserves an infusion of capital and believe that once the repairs are completed and equipment replaced she will have many more years of offshore sailing and sail training left in her. She is a beautiful vessel with a rich and distinguished history and well worth the time, money and effort to preserve and restore her.

The Resolute Sailing Foundation is seeking to raise $150,000 for the first phase of restoration. Ultimately we want to equip her with entirely new masts, spinnaker pole, rigging and sails, Its estimated that an additional $150,000 will be needed to complete the restoration. Complete restoration will be more costly since many modifications have been made over the years departing to varying degrees from the original equipment and design.